GeekNights Wednesday - Voice Acting

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss voice acting. In the news, anime voice actors' unionization efforts grow ever more important as they are forced back into non-remote work in Texas, Anime Central betrayed its attendees, and Inu-Oh is coming imminently,

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It works perfectly in endless mode:

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I highly recommend watching this movie if you want an overwhelming amount of voice actors talking about the craft.

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Disclaimer: I was listening to this while working so apologies if I missed the topic I am about to bring up.

Another aspect of voice acting is that a good group of voice actors can make a show better. My example would be Rocky and Bullwinkle, a show I grew up with and still watch on occasion. While the animation was limited, even for the early to mid 1960s, the voice actors and the scripts they are given make the show funny.