GeekNights Wednesday - Umamusume: Pretty Derby

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Umamusume: Pretty Derby. It's... OK. It has some problems. It's basically on one end of a horse-girl anime spectrum. In the news, Boston's nerd convention security problems (the primary reason we stopped performing at Anime Boston despite it being one of the best anime cons in America) continue, AnimeNYC is coming again this year, Bee and Puppycat is getting a second season co-produced by OLM, and Otaku Coin is something to avoid.

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While annoying and it should be done away with, I never found the security theater so awful that it made me want to stop going to PAX East. I stopped going for other reasons, mostly that I figured out I just don’t enjoy conventions. But my biggest qualm with them is all it does is put the “target” crowd outside instead of inside. I said the same thing as a 14 year old kid when they put in the TSA screening at airports.

Also Re: @apreche 's opinion of not mentioning the Bad Things™ : Zeeky Boogy Doog

Re: Boston Drivers:

I know that you have no reason to ever go to Providence, Rhode Island, and for good reason. But hoooo boy. That’s the place that even Boston drivers speak of in fearful, hushed tones. I have been commuting to the Boston area for work for the past 3 years, and even I refuse to drive anywhere near Providence. It’s like all of the bad things about Boston magnified, without any of the good things it has. Providence is the worst.

I love Providence. I’m actually there kind of often :wink:

The traffic problem I encounter there is primarily extremely poorly flowed intersections with the worst possible light timing, coupled with people openly running red lights and stop signs.

I’d take it over parts of Boston any day.

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Seriously? Have you ever driven in Providence? Boston is way worse.

Providence is a city I don’t mind driving around in. Boston is a city where I find the first convenient parking place near a subway (“T”) station and use public transportation as much as possible.

Then maybe it’s just me, but the few times I’ve had to go to the Providence Place Mall, I have feared for my life far more times than the multiple times I’ve had to drive to the Boston Museum of Science or Logan Airport.

I too will park at the most convenient T station (usually Sullivan Square), since that’s almost always quicker. But Providence doesn’t really have a similar public transportation outside of buses, so you’re forced to take your life into your hands on the roads.

Oh, I completely agree that Providence doesn’t have any decent public transportation.

Part of it may be just being used to it, having grown up in a part of Massachusetts that was closer to Providence than Boston. As a result, whenever my family wanted to see something at a biggish arena (Barnum and Bailey circus, Disney on Ice, etc.), we’d usually go see it in Providence than Boston. I also went to college there and lived in Rhode Island for a few years after that.

Standalone review: