GeekNights Wednesday - The Dragon Prince

I’m in.

I liked Season 1. If it gets better at the rate that Avatar got better… it’ll be an A show by the end.

As good as Dragon Prince is, nothing is as good as ATLA.

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Season 2 Dragon Prince though!


Finally got to watching this show. Maybe I’m missing the point, but I’m pretty sympathetic to Viren and Claudia.

da fuq


I don’t follow. Why “dafuq”?

Viren and Claudia can burn!

Knife-ear collaboration!

Oh, FFS.

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More Dragon Prince incoming. To be exact all of Dragon Prince incoming, eventually. Netflix has confirmed it will pay for rest of the remaining four seasons to finish the story. I didn’t doubt that wouldn’t happen, but apparently it was not confirmed until recently.


Oh snap that is fantastic news.

That’s more seasons that I could possibly imagine.

It would be funny if, even with four more seasons, bird dad never returns.

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I can’t think of many things other than real life injustice that would make me more mad.

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