GeekNights Wednesday - Sarazanmai

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider Kunihiko Ikuhara's recent Sarazanmai. This is not a show for children. You need to know more about Kappa than you think you do. It should be watched with the same care you'd use watching Utena. In the news, our hearts go out to the victims of the tragedy at Kyoto Animation, CATS is back, and Rym may test the waters of Fire Force despite how we may have JUDGED it. Also, read Lone Wolf and Cub.

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Herein I reveal that I haven’t been to Paris in a looooong time.

When was the last time you were in Paris? I much prefer the Paris Metro to the MTA, but I haven’t been since like 2011.

I stayed in a Paris suburb (Antony) for a couple of months in 2015/16; the Paris Metro is solid, and the commuter rail (RER) is pretty good.

But then I don’t have any real reference point for the MTA.

Philly’s two axial subway lines run 24/7, nowhere near the coverage of NYC, but its a much smaller city and we don’t have the nothing closes except for an hour between 5am and 6am thing in our city really. The latest a bar can be open in Pennsylvania is 3am if its a private club.

Also was hoping you guys would dish on more SDCC trailers, but Cats was definitely the one with the most to talk about.

What trailers were you expecting us to dish on? I don’t watch any superhero movies. I hardly watch any contemporary Hollywood movies or TV shows whatsoever. I don’t even know what trailers there were at SDCC.

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Its more I would enjoy your extreme deprecation approach applied to SDCC trailers in general, but thats not what you guys are about.

There are a lot of things we could do with GeekNights that would be very popular.

We could probably focus just on gaming, stream more, take on shoutyman topics, actually talk to fans outside of this forum, etc… We’d be way bigger.

And we’d die inside.

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I don’t know anything about them, and don’t care, so I have nothing to say.

For example I know there was a Star Trek trailer. I don’t like Star Trek. I know only basic things about it I have absorbed by just being a nerd. I’ve seen some of it, but not much. The trailer meant nothing to me as I do not have enough knowledge to understand or emotional investment to care about anything in it.

Someone who knows and cares about Star Trek doesn’t need to hear what anyone has to say about it, they can just watch it themselves. Someone who doesn’t know or care gains nothing from hearing from someone who also does not know or care.

So the best I can do is give you meta-talk about why I have nothing to say about most SDCC crap, and I jsut did it in this post.

Judge MCU movies by their trailers and our extant knowledge of Marvel comics. People would eat that up.

And we would die.

That’s an interesting observation to me. The gaming space is incredibly crowded right now. I would think if you wanted to fill an under served niche, focus on Anime with video essay content. I’ve failed thus far to find anyone doing that with enough credentials that I care (note: I think the real answer is that AWO needs to do this.)

It’s all a numbers game. The size of the fish is relative to the size of the pond. The gaming pie is so huge that even a small fish can be well fed.

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Seconding this, I enjoy your guys’ anime content much more than anything else on YouTube. A majority of the YouTube anime community I’ve taken the time to watch are not great at critical analysis and also way too forgiving of problematic content

Wrong. They actively enjoy problematic content.

In no way am I advocating a change, I like your format as-is, and I agree its completely outside your normal scope. I do not want you or scott to die on the inside, stay alive on the inside please!

have you checked out Super EyePatch Wolf? I think he does a good job of writing his video essays and also dealing with problematic content in anime. His output is not constant, but he’s made video essays that convinced me to watch shows when I usually wouldnt (I am an incredibly casual anime person who barely watches anything) and he’s even managed to write essays about wrestling that have been engaging to me when IRL I have zero interest in watching wrestling.