GeekNights Wednesday - Plutona

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Plutona, a short comic about superheros and reminscient of Stand By Me from Jeff Lemire (story) and Emi Lenox (art). We save spoilers until the end of the show. In the news, Scott saw Ancien and the Magic Tablet, Cartoon Saloon is likely to continue to bat 1000 with Wolfwalkers, and Free is getting compilation movies.

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To be honest, only the first 25 seconds of the Black and Yellow mashup are any good.

I follow 66 people on Twitter. Many of them rarely tweet. Some of them are dead. Rym is currently muted.


That Black and Yellow mashup is mad old, and it isn’t even the best anime/rap mashup:

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Other top tier Mashup.

Adding to the anime x hip-hop collection with my personal favourite. Various Beastie Boys songs mashed up with the instrumentals of “Wild Stars” from Love Live.

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I’m glad to hear Rym’s caught up to the mashups of like four years ago:

Still not the finest intercultural mashup.

I just got Plutona, good Lemire book that got an extra boost from Emi Lenox who is great at cartooning.
Has been Lemire season for me as I also recently read Trillium which is a science fiction romance book which explores themes of colonisation (as in the way the British colonised nations).

I would recommend Scalped or the more contemporary Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron. Virtually everything he writes has done well. Already one an Eisner and is well regarded by critics, general readers and the companies for his creator owned and Disney / Marvel / DC books.

I think it was this show where Scrym talked about about doing Judge Anime By Its Cover for Spring – according to the ever-reliable, pretty much all the Spring anime is starting next week, so it appears to be Time.

Hero Academia and Attack on Titan premiered today. The new season is upon us.