GeekNights Wednesday - Netflix Castlevania

I recommend the original NES Castlevania and, when you get too frustrated to continue, switch to Symphony of the Night.

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I agree except put a little Castlevania IV (SNES) in between just to see the progression.


On a “games you should play” talk, I have an idea that there are some games that should be played a little. Just enough to know the deal, but not really worth actually playing seriously or to completion.

Zelda 1, old Castlevania, etc…

So you now have a sub panel?

I think for “The 40 Games you should play” I almost want to put a little indicator on every slide. Like, a little graph or something that implies how much you should play the game.

That, or a short list of “precursor games” that are related to the game we actually want you to play.

Imagine the slide for Breath of the Wild. Play it. Duh.

But at the bottom we list Zelda 1 and LTTP as precursors that are worth exploring if you want to go deeper on this thread.

A tech tree.


So… like exactly what I said you needed to do in my feedback on that panel idea?

Yeah. I’m still playing with a bunch of formats. The non-tabletetop version is much harder to do well.

I also have a list of 40 from a very important person that was presented at a few industry conferences. It’s a really really good list.

So Scott’s recommendation for one Castlevania game is I and IV and Symphony of the Night.

If it has to be just one, it’s obviously SotN.

You Can’t Play Just One™

Has anyone else seen the second season? Seems like it does a pretty good job of wrapping up the initial story while still making it clear that there are going to be (many?) more seasons.


Season 3 is out now!


I binged Season 3, today. It was uneven… but if I’m honest, I just want Grant Danasty.

This is the final season, and it premieres May 13.
However, they may be making a new series. Focus on the other games, maybe?

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