GeekNights Wednesday - Made in Abyss

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Made in Abyss. It's a recent hot anime that's worth the hype, though be warned that it is pretty gruesome at times. In the news, Rym is playing his damn trumpet again, HEYYEYAAEYAAEYAEYAA has taken physical form, nazis are trying to march next to Otakon (and you should complain about it), and the United States is in a state of extreme peril that requires you to vote in 2018.

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My cats meow sounds like Mitty.

End of an era, patreon must have updated the way they store those names.

We must return to having everyone make their name “Chris Riemer & Thomas Han” (sorry folks, I don’t know how to spell your last names)

Okay, gotta ask. @apreche do you consider the trumpet in and of itself annoying or is it just that @SkeleRym was annoying with it when you lived together?

A trumpet is great in the hands of those who are great at it. It is fine in the hands of those who can’t play it, as they won’t even produce a sound. It is annoying as hell when played by someone who is capable of playing it, not great, and they play it in an enclosed space too close to the ears of other humans.


The pit is Eren Yeager’s basement.

Oh no. Did you read the manga or something? Should I not watch season 2?

No, I just watched one episode. I meant it’s the real basement - what we wanted to know is doing on down there from the beginning.

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15 characters of f’ing FINALLY

*I haven’t watched the trailer yet, just upset that it’s taken over a year for this to get here!

Standalone review:


One of my fave anime. Orb piercer is nightmare fuel. Q

It’s also my daughter’s dream pet.

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ugh, I still need to watch the movies

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