GeekNights Wednesday - Lu Over the Wall

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Masaaki Yuasa's wonderful Lu Over the Wall. It's an anime movie that you definitely should make time to see. In the news, we'll be watching In This Corner of the World soon, we are reminded of the era of the APEX DVD Player, and Adventure Time is coming to an end.

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Things of the Day

Episode Links

Anime World Order did a review on In this corner of the world. It’s set during WWII following a Japanese family in a small town. I’m glad to hear it’s on Netflix. From AWO’s review this film qualifies as must watch for anime/animation fans.

I also had one of those DVD players for some cheap (to me) kung fu movies. It worked like a charm for about 6 months before going down the any dvd route. They still exist and for 150 USD you too can decrypt all your dvd/bluerays.

Finally a decent image of the best character, the mer-dog.

Mer-Doggie <3