GeekNights Wednesday - Keiichi Arawi's City Manga

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Keiichi Arawi's City Manga. It's delightful, with excellent comedic timing. If you enjoy Nichijou this is definitely up your alley. In the news, Fantastic Four #1 just dropped, we won't be at Otakon this coming weekend, we will (likely) be at Anime NYC in November, and the GeekNights Book Club is a thing that exists.

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I love shredded wheat. I’m going to have some for breakfast this morning! Nom nom nom. Fuck frosted.

At home I have Weetabix, but they don’t have them on Holland America cruise ships, but they do have shredded wheat.

Shredded wheat is what Kellogg’s recycles their boxes into. Cardboard plus a little grit.