GeekNights Wednesday - Eccentric Family

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the delightful Eccentric Family. It is easily one of the best anime in recent memory. In the news, Crunchyroll wants to bankroll its own anime, and we are back from ConnectiCon! Our GeekNights Book Club episode on Dune will be next Thursday, and our next con is PAX West!

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Looks like Eccentric Family is region locked on Crunchyroll. If only there was a simple way to circumvent this…

Yeah, Connecticon is my only con. I’ve been going for like, hmm, fourteen years? I’m not completely sure, but somewhere around that number. It’s the only con I’ve ever been local to, and I’ve never had the spare cash to cover travel and hotel costs for something further away. I’d love go to PAX Unplugged or the Dice Tower Cruise some time, though.

I would definitely go to see you guys doing a Modern Anime You Should See panel.

I was in this boat and while shiftless managed to go to cos by the skin of my teeth. Sleeping in car, being a hotel food vulture, borrowing a key to use a shower allowed me to do things I otherwise couldn’t.

Scott, you assume your virtue signaling is going to have any significance to a group of people who were probably rooting for Jon Snow to hook up with his aunt.