GeekNights Wednesday - Ducktales (2017)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the new Ducktales reboot. It's everything we could have hoped, and you can watch the first episode legally for free! Here's hoping it's the beginning of a new Disney Afternoon. In other news, Little Witch Academia is fantastic, Giant Robo is fantastic, Ghosts of Miami has launched, Flamecon is fantastic, and the Anime News Network hasn't gotten its domain back yet.

The GeekNights Forum is amazing, and you should join it! We will be back for our 42nd PAX Panel in a couple weeks! The next GeekNights book club book is The Fifth Season!

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The owner of the Hinterlands actually does a bad movie podcast (The Flop House) that just hit its decade anniversary, so he has some nerd cred.

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Scott, good luck with the daily video from PAX! I made daily vlogs at the European Juggling Convention this year, and it was a lot of work but a lot of fun. It helps that I’m a fast editor and had just enough spare time to fit it in.

I also did daily vlogs from Iceland last year, all on my iPhone.

Here’s my biggest tip for you: capture the video directly into iMovie on your iPhone, do the final edit and upload it al from there. Don’t just capture video normally, as the stuff for the vlog will be mixed in with photos and other video stuff. And you won’t know which take you want, or where the good stuff is. If you do use the normal camera app, import the video into iMovie at the next possible moment, when standinnin line or pooping, don’t wait until the end of the day.

I’m going to use my actual camera. It has two SD slots. I can set it to put video on one SD card and photos on the the other. I have a lightning to SD adapter to move the files to my iPad. I then use the mobile version of Adobe Premiere.

I just need to find some royalty free music I like in advance, and make sure I get that file on my iPad.

The video selecting and transfers are going to kill you. I predict you won’t make it past day 1.

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The transfer is very fast.

It’s not the speed of the data transfer, it’s the extra step in the process.

I vote for geekbights stream marathon. I would ask your famous friends to provide bumpers between episodes as a small transition. Also the image should be stills of episode metadata if possible ( episode date, title, links to totd etc.). Plus emailing the streaming services ahead of time to give them a heads up may do good as well.

I’m guessing it was looked up already, but I was finishing up the episode and Ducktales is $30 on Amazon and iTunes for the season pass.

I rewatched the episode and realized something. They name dropped 3 cities, one is tail spin, one darkwing duck, and the final one was goof troop. I smell crossovers abound later in the series.


Just watched it as well and liked it a lot. I also like what they’ve done with the intro – it’s a nice update of the classic.

I don’t know how much this affected who they cast as the voice of Scrooge, but apparently his original voice actor (who also happened to play the part of Wilbur on Mr. Ed) passed away last year. On the other hand, the brought in David “The 10th Doctor” Tennant, who is also actually Scottish, to play Scrooge, which is pretty darned cool.

Season 2 starts October 20, and season 3 has been greenlit.

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