GeekNights Wednesday - Anime and Comic Magazines

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider anime and comic magazines, including relics from an ancient past such as Newtype USA, Wizard, Animerica, and the like. In the news, Rym is enjoying Star Trek: Lower Decks (and you may too if you have even a passing interest in Star Trek), the live action Cowboy Bebop might be OK, and the monkey's paw has given us a hockey anime with Puraore! Pride of Orange.

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Listening to this episode, I kept expecting to hear Heavy Metal mentioned. Ever. And I tried checking the archive to see, and it only pulled up the music thread.

Seems a really strange oversight, given that it’s very similar to New Type in that in contained comics you didn’t find anywhere else. I remember reading it all the time at the bookstore at RIT.

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I know about Heavy Metal magazine, but I never actually read one. I don’t know if it has any non-comics parts, which is what would qualify it as a magazine. I think if I had been born in Europe, I would have been all over it.

I do enjoy this magazine.

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Do you really have a problem with remakes per se? Think of it as a cover song.

Most remakes of animation have an implied “cartoons are OK but this makes it real/mature/definitive/etc…” sentiment.

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