GeekNights Wednesday - Animation, Anime, Manga, Comics News Roundup

Tonight on GeekNights, it's a News Roundup! Specifically an Animation, Anime, Manga, and Comics News Roundup! The new Urusei Yatsura anime series has a trailer, TFAC has uninvited the NFT Lady after severe backlash from TCAF attendees and guests, Seven Seas' workers form a union that Seven Seas will not voluntarily recognize. Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a crypto scam, Flying Ghost Ship is getting a Blu-Ray release and a new dub from Discotek, Anime Boston had a delightful swap meet, Rym is continuing with The Owl House as new episodes drop, Saga returns after a long hiatus, and Bob's Burgers has a movie.

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When you said “This artist traces art” and I was wondering what new NFT jargon I had to learn about “tracing”. But no, you actually mean just using tracing paper/photoshop layers to copy art. How does someone do that and call themselves an artist? Weird.

Oh! My! Fucking! God!
I worked as an auto mechanic(assistant) in high-school and college and those “Customer States” videos are just absolutely wild. Just jaw-dropping to see all these horrendous at home repair jobs and bizarre catastrophic damage due to negligence and mind-blowing ignorance on the part of the car owners.

We had our fair share of “Customer States” type scenarios at the shop where I worked, but some of the examples on this YouTube channel leave me speechless. Because of ethics and potential legal liability, we would often refuse to work on cars where the customer wanted the vehicle repaired just enough to effectively get back on the road but leaving it still totally unsafe and extremely dangerous to operate. They would simply limp the vehicle down the street to another shop more willing to put peoples lives at risk. So watch out y’all, people really are out here driving around in barely functioning shit box death traps.

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The final season of The Owl House begins October 15.