GeekNights Wednesday - Animation, Anime, Manga, Comics News Roundup

Tonight on GeekNights, it's a News Roundup! Specifically an Animation, Anime, Manga, and Comics News Roundup! The new Urusei Yatsura anime series has a trailer, TFAC has uninvited the NFT Lady after severe backlash from TCAF attendees and guests, Seven Seas' workers form a union that Seven Seas will not voluntarily recognize. Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a crypto scam, Flying Ghost Ship is getting a Blu-Ray release and a new dub from Discotek, Anime Boston had a delightful swap meet, Rym is continuing with The Owl House as new episodes drop, Saga returns after a long hiatus, and Bob's Burgers has a movie.

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When you said “This artist traces art” and I was wondering what new NFT jargon I had to learn about “tracing”. But no, you actually mean just using tracing paper/photoshop layers to copy art. How does someone do that and call themselves an artist? Weird.