GeekNights Tuesday - Untitled Goose Game

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the delightful Untitled Goose Game. HONK! In the news, the off-year election happened today, griefers ruined a Fortnite tournament, Overwatch 2 is a thing, and we'll be live at PAX Unplugged!

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Good to see Robin Harbron of 8-bit show and tell has attained Thing of The Day status :stuck_out_tongue:. I’ve been following his channel for a while.

Scott blamed the unicode in my Thing of the Day for the forum post failure.

It seemed likely, and I did not blame him.

Nope. The unicode was fine. Completely unrelated problem!

Now that I’m listening to this I have to laugh, he can’t connect the audio directly to the commodore because the commodore tape port is an edge connector for talking to the datasette.
There’s no actual audio jack on it.

Ooh, spice.

I just came to this thread to post something similar. As someone who had three or four cassette-based micro computers before getting one with floppy disks, I knew there would be a reason like this.

For example, I had an Amstrad 464 that had a tape deck built into it, so there were no audio-in jacks. It doesn’t matter if you have a digital audio file, the only way to get the sound in is via a cassette.

Yes, computers like that existed, but for a C64, you don’t need the tape.

Death Stranding, we watched the new trailer and it’s still WTF? Jeremy is intrigued but I’m just WTF?

That’s a pretty standard reaction to direct exposure to Kojima plots.

The pitch as I understand it;

There are ghosts, when ghosts touch dead bodies they explode. America is in semi-apocalypse mode because of said ghost explosions. You play as a man who can put his ghost back in his body without exploding, so you are the deliveryman between the sparse enclaves across America. You will travel from point to point while keeping your cargo intact, avoiding ghosts and raiders, and building travel infrastructure like ziplines and roads. You can also download the infrastructure from other players and maintain it by “liking” it. It’s a hiking simulator with themes of American paranoia, digital social spaces, and parenthood.

Oh, you also carry a baby born from a corpse. The baby let’s you see exploding ghosts.

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Only in a Kojima game would the baby in a jar be an after-thought.

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On the topic of good short games, I recommend A Short Hike, which is a minimalist exploration type game, and also you can fly.

I thought it was implied Norman Reedus birthed the goo baby and stuck it in a jar.

I need Goose Game x JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure memes.




It was more on the lines of this:


Horror Pac Man:

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I could hear @SkeleRym 's brandy swirling in the snifter and his eyes rotating to look down his nose talking about Overwatch 2 and the people that will like it.


You heard rightly. I saw the swirling.


Hoity British Accent “MMmnn yes these commoners, who love their characters and want to have fun playing them cooperatively. Such simpletons cannot comprehend the sublime experience of competitive games… ROYSTON! ROYSTON! THE PLEBS ARE TRYING TO PLAY IN MY COMPETITIVE IVORY TOWER! FETCH MY BLUNDERBUSS!”