GeekNights Tuesday - Splitgate

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the portal-inspired multiplayer FPS Splitgate. It's free to play, not pay to win, and if you ignore the non-game-affecting skinz and lootz it's definitely worth trying. In the news, the Advance Wars remaster is delayed, BlizzCon is canceled to be re-imagined, and you don't need a rumble pack for your N64 Controller. Also, the OLED Switch doesn't appear to be selling well, but that's not actually a problem for Nintendo.

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I got round to finally playing Splitgate, and it really is fantastic. It brought back the same feelings as playing Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament for the first time.


I should play again. Been deep in Fortnite and Overwatch lately…

Doing the daily challenges has been fun. Often they are brain-dead easy like “play matches on 3 different maps” but sometimes they are a fun challenge like "get 10 headshots in " or “score the most points on your team in <Y game mode that doesn’t award points based on kills>”.