GeekNights Tuesday - Sidereal Confluence: Cube Nonsense

Tonight on GeekNights, fresh from ReviewCon 2017, we review the surprisingly fun Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant. It's cube trading, and it was a good time. But before that, we have a quick GeekBite of Spinderella, the NeoGAF community exploded in controversy (you may recall the last time we talked about NeoGAF, The Escapist collapsed for a variety of reasons, and we'll be live at PAX Unplugged and GaymerX East!

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Cosmic Cube Conversion Party

The thing most people don’t realize about the cube wars is that it wasn’t really about the cubes…


I will never assume that I can teach a children’s game from memory ever again.

What I can say about Spinderella is that it does the best job of using the kid-friendly roll and move mechanic to demonstrate to little kids how you can really win games. Ride that log. Stack your ants 3-high and move them all!

I used Viva Topo, another roll and move, early on b/c it teaches lessons about not using your all of your movement points due to exposure to risk it can cause (cut your losses and take a smaller VP token in order to not hang out on track and get caught by a cat). Spinderella is the next step where you learn “fuck risk, let’s break this game”

It was about the friends you made along the way?


A panel on “kids” tabletop games.

I’m going to start writing that. I got ideas.


I got a few items to say about that too…

BTW, that idea about having an area of games with big visual appeal, permanently set up for play at a con? One of my favorite BGG.CON features. They have a collection of 30 or so crazy dexterity games. Big, full-table wood stuff. Obscure and unique dexterity games you have never hear of or seen. It is a museum-quality selection and they just leave it out in lobby area all set up, all weekend long.


I’ve been to a few conventions now where PitchCar has been set up in the middle. The last convention I went to, WashingCon, had a 15 player game of PitchCar in the middle of the tabletop area, and it drew a HUGE crowd, as everyone gathered around to watch, cheering and rooting for their friends, or even a complete stranger.

One point in Neogaf’s favor: apparently they were all “Gamergate is bullshit” long before pretty much anyone else.

Yeah. It really seems like the people of NeoGAF were above average, and above expectations. Sadly, the leadership was not.

Just the review itself: