GeekNights Tuesday - Rattaneer

Tonight on GeekNights we review Hisashi Hayashi's Rattaneer. It's cute pirate rats with blind bids and severe consequences. In the news, Dr. K has a follow-on to Tigris & Euphrates coming with Yellow & Yangtze, Superhot VR is super hot, the Overwatch League continues to exist, there's some ridiculous streaming rights drama in espots, and we've judged more anime.

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Glad to facilitate a review of a game that probably has, I dunno, 50 copies in the wild right now. As weird as Fast Food Franchise (1991) was, there are at least ~500 people who have it marked “owned” on BGG. Rattaneer is at 16!

*BerenstAin Bears…

I enjoyed Pi-rats. I think it was well explained here.

I am also curious on the prospect of Yellow & Yangtze. Just looking at it, I think the visuals have been given a great rework (tho T&E was by no means ugly)

Tho the placement of water seems strage in this one.

@SkeleRym do you have a link for that Dayman remix?

Rym you should get involved in the SuperHot VR speedrunning community

Instantly recognized that song in the background of the game at 1:09 on the video: It’s Anthem by Adhesive Wombat, the same track from their Greenlight trailer back before they launched superhot. They who also featured heavily in the Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball soundtrack, with Anthem and Chodge Darger being the two most prominent themes in the game.