GeekNights Tuesday - Raptor


My fear is that I will want a Switch day one along with Scott now…


Personally I am really glad that pretty much everything that has come out on a Nintendo console has left me cold for over ten years and Switch is shaping up the same so I have no reason to be disappointed. I haven’t had any interest in any Nintendo first party game that have come out since the Super Nintendo. There were two games each on Wii and Wii-U that were console exclusive that I wanted to play, and three of those were never released in the US.


It’s not PewDiePie’s fault, the media just took everything out of context. In fact, he’s not normalizing hatred, YOU’RE normalizing hatred by insinuating that paying people to hold “Death to All Jews” (a “joke gone too far”) is SOMEHOW antisemitic, when out there in the world there’s REAL hatred going on.

Fuck this jag.


You appear to have some rather unique taste in games to have so much Nintendo content over so many generations bounce off of you. I’m genuinely curious to know what your 4 interesting games were.


I know a decent amount of people who just aren’t into contemporary Nintendo and their aesthetic. I sort of get it, but I dig their games usually.


Quick edit: I meant to say five games after I remembered one other Fatal Frame IV, Fatal Frame II remake, and Another Code: R (the sequel to Trace Memory) on Wii and Fatal Frame V and Splatoon on Wii-U. But yeah, Nintendo 64 had Perfect Dark and that’s about it that I liked. I can’t think of a single console exclusive for Gamecube I was remotely interested in. Add to that @MATATAT 's point about the aesthetics plus their bizarre controllers and, at the risk of sounding like some kind of edgelord, lack of games aimed at adults just left me cold.


After this week, I’m so glad I never became a Youtube personality because it’s so fucking poisonous at Youtube. Youtube is plummeting to that Digg/Reddit/Slashdot form of toxicity so fucking fast because now it’s the biggest Youtuber. I thought JonTron’s shitshow was bad, but this is possibly worse when the guy with 52 million subscribers is saying “Fuck Main Stream Media.” And he’s attacking a conservative paper that just reported on him being fired.

We need more people like John and Hank Green and less drama-fueled whiners.


This is another one of those times when I think you’re all doing the internet wrong!

You know who never sees anything toxic on Twitter? Me, because I don’t follow toxic personalities who bring along drama.

You know who never sees anything toxic on Reddit? Me, because I don’t use Reddit.

You know who never sees anything toxic on YouTube? Me, because I don’t follow toxic personalities who bring along drama.

Same with Tumblr drama, Digg whatever, Facebook blah blah, etc etc.

How are these people even in your lives to begin with?


I don’t even go on Digg or Slashdot; I just know those are famous, old examples of such. Even if I were to not go on the Internet, this shit became a part of my life when real life family and friends got into that drama. I was way worse into all that stuff 5 years ago but have weened myself since and now I have no tolerance for that kind of nonsense.

I don’t even watch Pewdiepie but I know his gravitas does affect the Internet and a huge audience.


So it’s fine to say “Pewdiepie and his followers are becoming toxic” but that’s a loooooong way from “Youtube is plummeting” or " it’s so fucking poisonous at Youtube".

YouTube is as big as “television” or “newspapers” or any other form of media distribution. While some newspapers are trash, you can’t lump in everything printed on recycled paper as all “toxic” or trash or anything. Some will be good, some will be bad.


If you think that this guy has an affect on the Internet, I feel as if your scope or understanding of the Internet is severely skewed because of the people you are around.

No one in my circle of friends has even heard of Pewdiepie but they all watch Youtube. Most have watched Youtube as a more important medium than television.


That’s fair. I see a lot of the warning signs but I can’t commit to that statement until we see how Youtube is in about 5 years or so.


Again, I’ve got no idea what you are talking about. Any toxicity of a single channel or a group of channels is nothing compared to the platform as a whole. Sure, Pewpdiepie is has the most subscribers, but the management of Youtube obviously aren’t thrilled by his reputation, nor his impact on the reputation of YouTube.

The signs are that an overwhelmingly non-toxic media platform is doing what it can to detoxify what tiny part of it is being perceived as toxic. That’s how I see it.

If you are seeing mostly toxic personalities, that is much more a reflection of who you choose to follow there than the general state of the platform. At the very least, it’s a reflection of the type of personalities who are popular among the people with the same interests as you.


I’m the same as Luke. I don’t see anything toxic, and I even use Reddit. I just only subscribe to nice subreddits.


Same as Luke and Scott. When people or spaces start getting nasty I disconnect or leave. I used to love 4chan back in the day when yes parts of it it were crass and shocking but when it began to take a darker turn toward MRA/Nazi/Alt-right (something I suspect was a coordinated effort but I digress) I left.


I remember an early Otakon in the early days of 4chan when they had what I believe was their first “panel” at a con like that. This was a long-ass time ago. Pete and James videoed them as part of some half-assed investigative journalism.

They were Sieg Heiling in line.

4chan was always that way.


I was at that panel I don’t remember any sieg heiling. Further, as far as I recall at that time if people were doing that it was probably for the shock value. The issue is of course that shock humor attracts people for whom that shock humor is not humorous but serious. From there the well is poisoned. I believe it was Rym who retweeted a link to an article about how people who go for edgy shock humor without context as to why it is shocking are susceptible to humor evolving into serious views. I think this is what happened to 4chan. The other issue is that people always linked 4chan in its entirety to the communities of its more crass sections, /b/ and /news/ and eventually /pol/. If you went to the more hobby based sections, at least until the past four years or so, you did not see that stuff at all but again because it was left unchecked in other sectors it spread through the whole site once it took hold.


It was in the line outside the room as they were walking in.


I wouldn’t say Pewdiepie is a fascist but he’s certainly not someone I find funny or interesting. Outside of the fiver sign, the evidence that he’s a white supremacist is pretty thin. Instead of calling him out for normalizing hatred which is a pretty nebulous claim, call him out for playing the victim card. Calling him out for saying something offensive isn’t a tradeoff with combating larger problems as well. We could all be doing more but it doesn’t mean we should ignore what is in front of us.

I lost more respect for Pewdiepie watching his response video than watching the evidence that he’s a fascist.


At the very least I give him a little credit for apologizing and making a statement that he does not support or represent those people.