GeekNights Tuesday - PAC-MAN 99

Tonight on GeekNights, we review PAC-MAN 99 on the Nintendo Switch. In the news, Derek Chauvin is (rightly) convicted on all three counts for the murder George Floyd, the European Super League collapses faster than anyone thought possible, Jeff Kaplan leaves Overwatch and Blizzard, Scrabble (rightly) bans racial slurs from the game, Sony backs off on shutting down the PS3 and Vita services, Nintendo is likely sunsetting the largely unsuccessful Labo, and Railroad Ink is coming to Steam.

Please consider donating to the Gianna Floyd fund, and keep protesting until there is justice. Black Lives Matter.

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We had an issue where Scott didn’t have local audio for the first ~7 minutes, and salvaged it from the backup audio. It’s listenable, but you’ll hear Scott sound a lot better after that first bit.

Small dinosaur bites man.

Life found a way.

The worth of a major tennis tournament is probably the easiest any international tournament to measure. There are four of them per year, they are “open” (so anyone can try to qualify to take part), they are worth 2000 ranking points and about 2 million dollars to the winner.

If the WTA and ATP wanted a fifth major, they could simply make one by offering enough money and ranking points. It wouldn’t have the same history, but to the participants it would be worth exactly the same as the existing majors.

Soccer is totally different though. There isn’t a way to compare different trophies. Is it better to win three Premiere League titles or just one Champions League title? They don’t have an easy points value system.

Exactly. I can’t think of any other major team based pro sport where the same non-national teams compete in different tournaments.

Anyway, latest update, every UK team has pulled out of the super league. I think it’s dead.

Rugby union has a champions league-style tournament: European Rugby Champions Cup - Wikipedia


Cricket also feels like one of those non-US sports that probably has multiple tournaments as well instead of just one league that is the best.

I don’t have much interest in it, but I do appreciate the concept of a sport that includes lunch and tea breaks.

Also very much a sport of the people - no expensive equipment, specialized grounds, you can play cricket on pretty much any sufficiently-sized open area, with simple, inexpensive(And in some cases, improvised) equipment.

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A lot of top Scrabble players don’t speak the language. They just have the dictionary memorized.

I can see how it would be annoying if you were really good at French scrabble and they deleted 400 random words and didn’t tell you which ones.

But removing the racial slurs is obviously the right move, players will just have to get used to it.

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