GeekNights Tuesday - Overcooked

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the delightful Overcooked. 4-player local multiplayer done right, it's definitely worth owning. We'll be playing it in our room at MAGFest, which is THIS WEEK. In other news, Frog Fractions 2 appeared (you should play Frog Fractions 1 if you haven't already) in glorious form, and Owlboy is sadly mediocre.

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This game. Each level just ups the ante and 2 player is kinda hard.

Fuck rats. At least you can punch them.

The trick with rats, don’t leave extra ingredients out. Chop and pot them straight away.

I just got done playing this 2p with my wife. We did 1 and a half worlds with 4p as well. Had fun with it both ways, but I assumed it would only work best at 4p. 2p was just as fun!

Our trick with rats was also to slide pot over to be closer to ingredients, but when all else fails, at least pick a chopped ingredient up and move it to new location before stepping away to do something else. You buy more time faking the rat out then you spend.

We haven’t gone in and played the two bonus worlds from the special edition, but will soon. I should go back and listen to this episode, since I have no memory of it.

Some excellent accessibility features for the newer version of overcooked.

PlayStation.Blog: Overcooked! All You Can Eat offers Accessibility options and Assist mode.