GeekNights Tuesday - Namco Museum (Nintendo Switch)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the extremely polished Namco Museum that came out for the Nintendo Switch. It's worth the purchase price just for Pacman Vs, literally one of the best games to ever be made for the Gamecube. Bonus points for having Dig Dug!

In the news, Civilization VI had a major update, a bad looking Civilization VI board game is coming, DotA bots superior, humans inferior (at solo mid), Nidhogg 2 appears to fail to capture the magic, and For Honor has some exploit issues in an amazing tournament.

We will be live at PAX West 2017 talking about rage quitters!

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“I like Through the Ages, but no one will play it with me.”

@Apreche , @DemoWeasel and I will play TtA with you and even make sure the game ends in 2 hours. Let’s get Robespierre and have an October Revolution up in here.

(One time I played Robespierre and used him to power out Communism. I lost pretty badly.)

Regarding bots being better than humans, I’ve had the idea for an all-hacks counterstrike tournament. Anything goes, see who can program the best bots.

Would it be cool and/or funny because of crazy shots, or lame because 9 insta-headshots every round?

It should at least be fast.

I imagine a lot of that would either be random, due to bullet spread, or come down to whichever bot/CPU was a microsecond faster. Two opposing players come around a corner and both come into view at the same time. Which one gets the headshot first? It might be so fast it comes down to race conditions on the server. What happens if two players click on each other’s heads on precisely the exact same frame?

This is very similar to high frequency trading. Can you get your order in a fraction of a millisecond faster? The computer closer to the server on the network might end up winning.

The book you were referencing that just won the Hugo, The Obelisk Gate, isn’t just a second book by N. K. Jemisin. It’s the second book in the same series.

And the third and final book, The Stone Sky, just came out on the 15th. I’m hoping like hell for a Hat Trick. I looked, and it doesn’t look like there’s ever been a series that had every single book win the Hugo.


Yeah, my copy of The Stone Sky arrived yesterday. Between that and the book club, sounds like it’s time for a reread of the series. I’ve got my (figurative) money on the third one winning next year, though I haven’t read it yet. She’s just that good.

As for exploits in games being used at high level play, The Legend of the Fountain Hook in Dota 2 has got to be up there.

Valve themselves made a documentary about it.


I’ve been meaning to read her Inheritance Trilogy, but haven’t yet. Have you read it? I assume so, and if you have, how is it?

Outed myself as a bit of a fan, did I?

Yes, I’ve read it. Been a few years, though.

It’s not a typical trilogy, decent time-jumps and follows through the generations. Given that it deals with Gods, it makes a lot of sense. I really like the world and the characters she constructs. I liked it quite a bit.

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Dammit, you sold me, and I already have too many other things to read!

Yes, do also read her Inheritance books! They are quite different from The Fifth Season, but are just as amazing.

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Through the Ages comes to mobile on Sept 14

This game has escaped me. High on my list of classics I have not gotten to play. But that will change soon.

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Oh shit there’s actually a date for it? Get ready for maximum First Space Flight.