GeekNights Tuesday - Monetizing Games

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss how games monetize. How can you make money making games? We've done at least three panels around this topic: Monetizing Games and Game Design (PAX East 2012), Money Making Games (MAGFest 2012), and more recently The Real Harm of Games (PAX East 2019).

In the news, the Rangers are still in the playoffs, Sony's Playstation Plus upgrade isn't going well, Arcs is coming from Patrick Leder (though it's unfortunately on Kickstarter), Reggie Fils-Aime thinks the games industry needs to embrace unions, and Raven Software's QA team has unionized, despite Activision Blizzard's uncomfortable opposition.

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You asked what we use to listen to the show. I use Podcast Addict.

Podcast addict supposedly supports chapters including custom images and URLs per chapter. It supports chapters from RSS feeds as well as from ID3! Just full on support. I don’t have any Android devices, though, so I can’t test it. I might hit you up for some testing if you don’t mind.

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I use pocket casts myself. Do like those chapters on relistening purposes and coretex changes their icon on a per chapter basis which makes it a really nice touch too.

I could support that, but I don’t think Rym is going to find/create, edit, and upload a picture for every chapter of every podcast.

I haven’t listened to this ep yet, but I use BeyondPod. No idea if it supports all that fancy stuff

I looked into BeyondPod. I see a lot of users asking for chapter support, and I see a lot of the developers saying no :rofl:

It apparently hasn’t been updated since Jan 2021!

It’s just worked for me for the better part of a decade so I never had a reason to think about it.

I’m not even sure that I need/want chapter support.

I use Overcast. It has chapter support. It is developed by an actual podcaster, so it’s got all the good features both podcasters and listeners want. It even supports an RSS field where you can put a special “funding” link, and so a link to the Patreon or membership page appears in the show notes in green text.

For some podcasts I use the chapters to skip around, and it’s super handy. I already know I won’t use them for Geeknights, but it’s also handy to have an onscreen guide to how long is left in a section, even if I don’t plan on skipping to the next part.


Mmm. Seems like these Overcast might be the ones to try to match with. Apparently they have a tool called Forecast that encodes and adds chapters to podcasts. I won’t use that tool for actual GeekNights, but I can run some podcasts through it and match its functionality.

EDIT: Never mind. Forecast seems to be a Mac-only app.

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Catching up on episodes.

Modern humans were around a lot longer than 40kya.