GeekNights Tuesday - Mario Maker 2

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch. In the news, Loot Crate is bankrupt, Dire Wolf Digital is bringing, among other things, Root to digital, System Shock 2's patch history is fascinating, and it's getting an "Enhanced Edition."

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I assumed Brass Against had my favorite cover of that but now I’m debating.

I dunno man, I haven’t had a more cathartic moment then when I was in a pit screaming along with Brass Against. I was weepy and wrung out by the end of that show. Never more fired up to help change the world after that.

I’ve yet to seem them live. That’s definitely something I need to correct at some point.

I’m down for Geeknights loot box. What do you guys use for digital payments I have Zelle. I can sign up for something else also.

Google Pay is best.

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On the subject of ratm covers. I think I this one is better Tha the original.

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I am now going through his albums. Thanks for the discovery.

Since you guys asked on the show how to make alcohol-free beer, the answer is simple: Don’t add yeast.
Yeast creates alcohol in the first place.

@Apreche Deus Ex Human Revolution (Directors Cut) is the best 0451 game to come out in the last 10 years (better than dishonored and prey even). You definitely should go back and play it. It really does update the original Deus Ex to be a more fun game to play but still includes a ton of systematization, world building, philosophy and interesting locales. The adversarial conversation system for conversation boss fights is still somewhat unique in its execution today.

@SkeleRym System Shock 2 while being from 1999 still works really well in achieving first person survival horror. It is the Ur-game for popularizing the FPS-RPG hybrid as a genre. I played a vaporware version that incorporated the unofficial patch on a disk snail-mailed to me by a friend in 2012 and it was still one of the best game experiences of my life. The audio design is top notch and while there are some intricacies of the era (the inventory management) it is worth the price of admission. Go buy it on GOG.

I said I did play it.


My Steam Profile says I own it and played it for 0.8 hours.

Here’s a link you can check to verify I’m not lying.

I don’t remember anything about it other than I was not happy with it and stopped playing.

Scott dislikes FPSs in his old age. I’ve realized this.

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That’s like saying you saw the first episode of a seasons long show and you “watched it”. Now its your life/free time so fully do whatcha wanna do, but it was/is still a pretty important game. I’m just suggesting you give it another try.

There is sort of an opening walking sequence introducing the world and then a bad thing happens and the gameplay at that point it sorta not intersting because you are pre-augmented Adam Jensen, and I could see you checking out during this sequence based on that play time. The actual game is pretty fun though.

No. There is an effectively infinite amount of entertainment media in the universe. No reason to go back and spend time on something I only have negative memories of.

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Take a deep dive into the pros and cons for Mario Maker eSports.

Yep. I was watching GSA before I moved. They know the flaws in their format and are working on new formats.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about this game, haven’t we?

Nintendo has added some HUGE updates to the game. Tons of creative new enemies and powerups, and now you can even make your own overworld maps!

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