GeekNights Tuesday - Luigi's Mansion 3

Usually it’s the professionals who are the ones that break the policy, always trying weird hacks.

“I jailbroke my phone, and now it won’t work! Help!”

“Doctor, it hurts when I do this!”

Don’t do that.


Heh, there’s a time and a place for shady shit, and that time and place is, when I can completely afford to write the whole thing off as a loss should it go pear shaped.

Like I’ll happily jailbreak my phone maybe 2 months after I replace it with a new phone.

Rinse and repeat for everything shady.

Of course! That’s what being a professional is all about - you have the experience and expertise to make really impressive dumb mistakes.

Also the wisdom to not go near that shit in the first place.

Hey, we all make mistakes. I once made a dumb mistake messed up the tempering of a metal tool that resulted in it exploding in use and embedding a two-inch shard of hardened tool steel just below my collarbone. Got a scar and everything. Look on the bright side! If you’ve messed up bad enough to make a computer literally explode, it’s probably gonna make a GREAT story.

Lol, you say that but I’ve 100% seen this happen and it was not a cool story. It was an underage college student improperly storing really high proof alcohol inside the tower of their computer. In addition to having to write the whole computer off, he did a number on his parent’s house.

I only saw the aftermath and to this day have no idea where the spark came from.

Paging the Black Team.