GeekNights Tuesday - La Cosa Nostra (2014)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the new-to-us 2014 tabletop game from Johannes Sich: La Cosa Nostra. It's a mob-themed negotiating game that works. In the news, we're back from PAX South 2019 where we presented Nostalgia vs Game Design, we've reviewed the entire current season of anime, Dota Auto Chess is the precursor to the next hotness, the PC gaming store wars are continuing to heat up, VR Chat is bigger and better than you probably realize, and suing the NFL over a sports call continues to be amusing as it moves to federal court.

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Was listening to the episode and had a thought: would a game version of Movies Anywhere function as a hub for launching games regardless of place of purchase, as you seemed to describe? Iā€™m unsure how well game publishers get along but could see this route helping them shift away from Steam, as they seem to way, if games could be launched from a preferred platform while also allowing for purchase from wherever was cheapest.