GeekNights Tuesday - How to be good at Modern Art

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider how to be to be good at Modern Art, a Knizia tabletop bidding game we're particularly fond of. In the news, the New York Rangers have the first overall draft pick, Fall Guys is full of cheaters, Dire Wolf Digital is bringing some sort of Dune deckbuilding worker placement game, Luigi's endowment informs us on Bowser's height, and we will be streamed at PAX Online with an all-new panel!

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“Fight yard”? Yeah, suuure.

It’s all just a Fantasy.

Wow, part 2 of the iceworld story is even better. Some great file forensics action.

Ok I want Modern Art now. Im pretty sure but not 100% that the card game is the same as the regular version rules wise - could anyone confirm:

The fishy cover is much nicer than exploding head man of last release.

EDIT: further investigation makes this a different game. There are so many versions and the Japanese one while second-hand pricey is a beaut.

Despite honestly having near-mastery of the game, I still enjoy it greatly and will play it any time it comes to the table.

I remembered the portion of the podcast that talked about the griefers and this sketch seemed relevant.

i will play modern art only if we all draw the paintings ourselves in crayon before we play

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Nice! What if real artists drew real art. Then they played Modern Art, and any art people bought they got to keep and take home. And also they played with real money.

You play a few rounds of Fake Artist Goes to New York (its pretty fast) and then auction the “Artwork” you manage to create from Fake Artist.


I just ordered Modern Art. I wanted something I can teach and play quickly, and I didn’t already own an auction game.