GeekNights Tuesday - Game Controllers

You’re going to have ridiculous input lag. I tried this with a PS2 dance pad a few years ago and Stepmania was unplayable.

I used to play Stepmania long ago with PS2 pad through PS2 to USB adapter and it seemed fine. But of course I was never very good, so maybe I’m not the best judge. But I’ve also known multiple other people who have done same and I’ve never heard complaints about the input lag.

I don’t have a PS4 to test this with.

It seriously can’t be worse than a USB gamepad. Also, in my quick review of PS2↔USB hardware, almost all of them warned or had feedback about not working with dance pads. There must be something special about that interface.

Oh man that does seem ideal if it works out. Besides all the consoles it will work on, just the fact that it has built in keyboard mapping so you don’t have to mess with any joy2key kind of nonsense is big enough to make me want one.

While in general I say just use an Xbox 360 controller for pc, Playstation controllers do have a better D-Pad placement and D-Pad in general for emulators and other games where a joystick isn’t great.

Also, the 8bitdo wireless controllers have gotten pretty good reviews from what I’ve heard. They have a couple that are basically the Wii pro controller but NES or Famicom styled and apparently now they have a firmware that works with the Switch so that might be worth looking into if you don’t want to shell out $70 for the Switch pro controller.

Most will treat the arrows as the directional input and won’t send left/right or up/down at the same time. Some have a code you enter to change them to dance pad mode.

PS4’s touchpad isn’t super useful and skews what would be Select and Start to the somewhat awkward locations of Share and Options. It otherwise seemed quite nice, and bluetooth worked perfectly out of the box on linux (always a surprise).

Maybe the last controller you’ll ever need?

I already have too many controllers. I’m tempted to test one of these out. If it’s any good, I might buy 1 or 3 more and then sell every other controller I’ve got. Probably have to keep GameCube controllers, though.

I already bought the all controller.

This one isn’t out yet? It’s still pre-order only?

They had an issue with the molds in China so they went there to fix it. According to their news they are assembling them now and shipping soon.

Let me know how it is, then I’ll think about it.

Will do 15 characters.

I can confirm that the SN30 Pro+ is fantastic. My one complaint is that it can’t wake the Switch, but I’m pretty sure that’s a Nintendo limitation. Bloodstained feels even more like Symphony now! It also works perfectly with Linux.

Yep. No third party controllers can wake a sleeping Switch. If it was possible, the SN30 would do it.

Word of warning on the 8bit-do controllers, unless they changed the design, the pad under the buttons is prone to tearing if you end up having to smash a button.

See me, with a broken “B” button after too much jump spamming in metroidvanias.

Sounds like a problem. Have you contacted 8bitdo about warranty/repairs?

Yep. Ship it back to China and they’ll repair it. I work for a company that does regular shipping and it’s almost the cost of another controller to get it there.

Mind you, when I looked into the problem I had, saw that I was far from the only one and if I fought, I might have been able to get them to ship me a replacement pad.

If I didn’t already have an arcade fighting stick, that gets used rarely, I would get this.

It’s a bit shame they don’t tell which stick and which buttons they use. Even if they are easy to replace, if it comes with garbage stuff, it’s a bit of a hassle.