GeekNights Tuesday - Deathmatch Games

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider Deathmatch games, particularly FPS deathmatches. Ostensibly beginning with Doom and Quake, the "genre" began already extremely refined, and frankly Quake 1 Deathmatch is literally worth playing today. In the news, Rym biked to Poughkeepsie again, Quake 1 got an update that makes multiplayer "just work" on modern PCs, China effectively bans minors playing online games, and tabletop game prices are going to skyrocket.

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China has moved forward, from the same directive that led to the online gaming ban, to this:

It’s all part of the same overall goal.

It occurs to me that the things China comes up with are Scott Solutions.

This thought brought to you by Matt Levine’s Money Stuff:

In the U.S., if regulators get annoyed with for-profit education companies, they will do things like mandate additional disclosures or fiddle with the eligibility requirements for federal student loans. In China, when regulators got annoyed with for-profit education companies, they told them to become non-profits. “You can keep doing your business, but you can’t make any money from it anymore.” If you are used to the U.S. system it just seems wild.