GeekNights Tuesday - Big Fish Casino

Tonight on GeekNights, considering the ethics of game design, we review the horror that is Big Fish Casino, which was recently banned in the state of Washington. It uses every trick in the book to addict you to gambling your real money for nothing. In the news, the Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Stanley Cup Finals, and Valve's "crackdown on VNs" is complex and troubling.

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This is something that I don’t quite get about the Valve crackdown on visual novels. My current understanding is they caved to pressure from a conservative Christian media watchdog group. Why does Valve give a toss at all about what pack of puritanical prudes think of the games they sell? Valve has enough money, lawyers, and general clout that they could simply ignore them and let them kick and scream impotently at their uncaring walls.

The fun thing with the Big Fish Casino being banned in Washington is that the company is based in Seattle. It’s not relevant to the decision, but it’s an enjoyable coincidence.

@Apreche If you take Rym up on that toe bet make sure there is a clause that prevents him from “accidentally” dropping a sledge hammer on your foot.