GeekNights Tuesday - Auto Chess


But it is the perfect book for Rym. I loved it. My book of the year two years ago.


Rym and Scott would probably like it. I agree. But yeah, I still shudder when I think about my read-through. I had to FORCE myself to continue, not because I didn’t like it, but because so much of the language and concepts only make sense once you experience them later in the story. It’s a big ask, but yes, if you persevere, it is quite rewarding.


Uh, The Prince of Nothing is like, one of our favs. Have you looked its glossary? What did you SEE???


I saw unwashed anuses.

Ha, but seriously, Iv’e read Prince of Nothing… Its great. But it’s also relatively easy to follow. Bad dudes have scary names and do bad things. the story flows.

I’m just saying… Ninefox is different to any other book I’ve read before. It’s a unique experience. It’s… full on.


Again, I’m unsure why you think this is a bad recommendation for Rym and Scott?


Because it’s a recommendation for all Geeknights listeners - the book club. And… I’m just not sure how accessable it
is for most readers. But in saying that, if any audience could handle it, it would be this one.

Go ahead, try to read it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.


It just takes a while to get used to the linear algebra to correctly take advantage of the calendrical effects in kel formation for glory and victory. As simple as that! See you at high table!


As I continue to play Auto-chess, I find it is fatally flawed in one primary way.

Matches are long. Too long for how otherwise casual the game is. It’s fun, but at the end of ~40 minutes it wasn’t 40 minutes of fun.


I see no reason another game couldn’t be made where the combat happens instantly instead of having you watch DotA guys fight automatically. To its credit, the game keeps you occupied the whole time. Not too much true downtime. You can, and should, use the idle battle time to scout your opponents, shop, manage items, think, etc.

Even with no other changes, most games end after 30 rounds, or 40+ if players are really good. 30 seconds per turn in 30 rounds means a 15 minute game. Even if you add a 5 second break to catch your breath between rounds an insane 50 round game would take 30 minutes. Right now, the average 30 round game is longer than that. Something else to consider is that with a better user interface, the turn timer could be reduced well below 30 seconds.

One thing I do give big credit to AutoChess for that I think it is doing better than any other game I have ever played, is that it snowballs without snowballing. If you are strong early, that does indeed carry forward and help you be strong late due to the HP and econ advantage, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. The only catchup mechanism in the entire game is the slight gold bonus for a losing streak, but winning streaks also get a gold bonus. Meanwhile I have consistently been able to come back to win or place very well in games where I start off VERY poorly.

Just this weekend I played a game where I had the worst luck imaginable. Basically no two start units going into pretty late rounds. Rather than desperately reroll, I held onto my gold and collected interest for as long as possible. When I was down to 4% HP I went all in. I scored big with a two star Enigma and other strong units that resulted in a second place finish. It seems no matter how bad I do, if I hang in there I almost always finish top 3.


if they want to have an actual following on Twitch it needs to be amusing to watch.


I can’t imagine that combat being amusing to watch.


People keep saying this like this. I heard the same argument for why Hearthstone needs to have fancy animations that take too long. It makes logical sense, but it is a base assumption. Where is the evidence?


how many people watch chess versus how many people watch any other sport. Hell, how many people watch golf versus any other sport. Can’t back up the veracity of this chart but Professor Google has many similar results around the lack of golf viewership versus other sports


Can’t see the chart. There’s a paywall.


Very strange, there’s a paywall for me now


Here we go, presumably a more reliable source for sports views. Granted this only covers one year but it seems to confirm the general trends Google is implying exist


Ok, so compare those flawed Nielsen ratings numbers to these probably equally flawed numbers

And that puts the LoL world championship from 2018 in the top 5. Of course, that’s only if you include China. I don’t know why they separate them out, because Chinese people are people. Why would they count differently?


Im pretty sure the link i found is only concerned with statistics of American viewrship, otherwise soccer would show up on that list. And as we all know American consumers are the only consumers that matter.

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Won again. Now Bishop rank. I only play maybe 5 games a week, and consistently place high and rank up.