GeekNights Thursday - The Mandalorian

Tonight on GeekNights, we review The Mandalorian. It's some Star Wars. In the news, LEGO Super Mario is amazing but probably not for you, and Overwatch Hero Pools are already making big waves.

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Don’t yell at the poor Gonk, he’s doing his best!

I read that as “Gronk” and wondered what Gronkowski did this time.

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Same. I was like, uhh, we didn’t mention him this episode?

This is definitely a Rubin is Wrong and Rym is Right eps :-p

Though bad Buffy take by Rym

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Buffy ain’t good. Fight me. :wink:

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Gonk: Gonk?

Protocol Droid: Your purpose? You are a walking battery recharger.

Gonk: sadly Gonk.

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I’m reasonably certain that if the same humor, story, and character arcs from Buffy (and especially Angel) were redone by a Japanese animation studio, Rym would have been head over heels for it.