GeekNights Thursday - Socks

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider socks. We care more about them than you might expect (unless you realize how old we actually are). In the news, we have a history of NESticle, it turns out knuckle cracking is shockingly complex, and no one knows how to walk anywhere.

We will be live at PAX East, and are continuing both GeekNights Presents Utena and Judge Anime by its Cover!

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Do I still have a pair of your socks or did I give them back already?

I think you still have them?

Yeah I forgot, I framed them and hung them on the wall in the living room with a plaque underneath that says “Friends from NYC Visited This House in NJ”

(Will see if I can locate them)

The sock video reminded me of this wind-powered scarf machine.

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Bombas. No more toe seams, and they donate socks to homeless shelters. :+1: Mostly cotton, though, so not for exercising.

Ya’ll missing the apex.

EDIT: Nevermind, just heard Rym mentioned it.

Is there anyone else who can’t wear long socks? Like you can try, but you won’t be out of the room before they start sliding down your calf and rolling up around your ankle?

And this isn’t just because of shitty socks. I’ve had expensive pairs of nice dress socks do this just as quickly as a cheap pair of cheap crew socks. Some of this is my calves are about twice as big around as my ankles, so any crew sock is going to fall right off.

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If you accidentally find yourself two left toe socks instead of one of each, could you hack them by turning one of them inside out before wearing it? Or is there something about their construction that prevents that?

I used to be a knuckle cracker, but for some unknown reason I stopped being able to crack them like 4 years ago.

The creator of the Otamatone is my favorite kind of weird art person.

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I find the fabric of everything except cheap cotton socks and underwear supremely uncomfortable. People say they wick sweat really well but if I get anything but Hanes cotton bag-o-socks or bag-o-underwear my feet or nether bits feel like they’re in a pool.

I remember reading about a doctor who, curious about the long term health risks of cracking fingers, spent 40 years only cracking the fingers on one hand and not on the other. The result: no difference.

Yeah, it’s true, some of the episodes with the eleventh doctor were a bit slow.


I would not have the willpower to maintain such a life for even a month.