GeekNights Thursday - Snacks

Tonight on GeekNights, brother may I have some snäcks. We talk about snacks, distinguished from meals by their lack of a schedule. You all seem to love these food shows, so here we go. Never forget doo dads. In the news, Funko pops have an IPO that goes about as well as one could have expected. (Spoiler: expectations were... unreasonable).

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My favorite snacks are Balanced Breaks. Cheese, nuts, and fruit in a small tray. I like packing these things for lunch when I go to work.

Also, since the podcast brings up doo dads, is there any difference between those and Chex Mix?

Not a very healthy snack… but this is what got me through college. Now I just plop hot sauce on ramen when I’m feeling mischievous after an arduous workout session. Good stuff once in a blue moon! :ramen:

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I seriously considered buying the K2SO Funko Pop thing, because he’s a sarcastic murder machine and it was kind of cute. Then my good sense reasserted itself and I walked away. Yay me.

By coincidence, I was snacking while listening to this. Naturebox garlic plantains. I don’t even like plantains usually, but these things are amazing. And it keeps me from getting into mischief. My sweet tooth is a huge weakness, so I have to avoid sweet snacks. I buy a bag of oreos and the next day I have eaten them all. Best not to buy any at all.

Cuphead might be the only good-looking Funko, cause the head is already the right proportion and the colors work with the cartooniness.


Ever since I have been on this diet snacking has gone down to zero. In general I aim for a food thing that will last me to the next meal such as some sausage, fruit, cookie, or bag of pretzels.

@Apreche besides Twinkies what other kind of foods are in the yellow food group? Like would a box of powdered doughnuts qualify?


Haven’t listened yet, but Steamed Hams is the best thing to come out of Simpsons Shitposting, and Custom Guitar Hero song is the third best Steamed Ham.

The second best is ‘Steamed Hams 10 times, sync point when Chalmers says “Aurora Borealis”’.

The best is ‘Steamed hams scene played forward but their lines are reversed’.

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I rarely snack, but for snacking purposes, I generally like gummies and dried fruit. Dried mango strips is god-tier snacking.

That was very informative. Here in Texas Bodegas are usually called Meximarts. And you can get all kind of snacks from Mexico. The biggest brand name is Bimbo.

Rym is right, fuck PB&J. Never liked it.

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Scott: “People who want only cheese on their pizza are bad and need to suck it up to make everyone else’s life easier.”
Me: “Oh. :(”
Also Scott: “I will not eat the same ethnicity of food two days in a row unless it’s American.”
Me: “Hey wait a minute.”

I will admit I am unwilling to deal with ordering boring pizza ever again.

I still love all the garbage I loved to eat in middle/high school, I just eat it a LOT less than I used to.


Doo Dads just looks like Chex Mix with longer parts. Why the obsession?

Also, cracker-coated peanuts are the shit. Cept for Nagaraya Brand, those are garbage.

I thought about it more. When would I eat food of the same category two days in a row? If I was in the native home of the food, of course.

If I’m in Mexico, I’m gonna be eating mostly Mexican food. I eat the American food so often, because that is where I am.

Who said you needed cheese pizza? Most places will let you get your pizza divided into halves if not quarters with different toppings. Or I could order a cheese pizza for myself. Scott literally once said that doing that (getting different food from everyone else because I was picky) made me a bad person.