GeekNights Thursday - Sleep

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider sleep, having previously covered beds. In the news, Disney needs to be broken up, another strain of polio has been eradicated, and several US House Republicans are dangerous criminals endangering the very fabric of American democracy. Also, PAX East badges are live!

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Tonight on GeekNighzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


Has anyone ever heard the Pokemon theme song sung to the tune of House of the Rising Sun?

This episode is too real. I get <6 hours of sleep every night because I hate my job and want to maximize the amount of time I do things that don’t make me miserable.

Also, in the vein of the sheet music bit:

I can’t think of anything I’m less happy about than the need for humans to sleep.

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Interesting tidbit: if you can stay asleep for 24 hours, then you can stay awake for 72.


And that’s a rock fact!