GeekNights Thursday - Scam Conventions

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of the ridiculous disaster that was Universal Fancon, following in many ways in the footsteps of DashCon or Fyre Festival, we consider the terrible ripeness of a time of actual scam conventions. TL;DR: never preregister for a first-year con not run by a major brand targeting more than a thousand attendees.

In the news, Ford is dropping most of its car brands, highlighting a possibly seismic shift in the American car market, and the Golden State Killer was allegedly just arrested.

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Oh, I recognize that tune! It was later used in I Wanna Be the Guy.

I had no idea it was from a C64 game. I thought it might’ve been Castlevania or an old Capcom game.

Monty on the Run is a really good c64 game, here is the most recent version of it that you can get.

Models…Ford is dropping most of its car models.

Yeah, my job is vehicle data and I thought about this.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to make VIN decoding the installed options on a given Ford F150 any easier.

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I learned from talking to a hotel person at check-in not too long ago that most younger people have no idea what a “make” or “model” is and often provide the wrong information about their car for parking.

They might know that it’s, say, a Subaru, and what color it is, but they don’t know anything else.

That’s fine, but I know you know better.

I do. But I don’t think the listener does. :wink:

This baffles me. Like completely. I understand not being up to date on current models if you’re not in the market for a car but not even caring enough to know what car you own? I guess I really am a dinosaur.

I don’t know the make of the cars my household has, but then I don’t drive so anywhere I go in one of those cars I go with someone who does. Besides, these cars are more easily identified by either the space invader stickers on the SUV or the spoiler on the sedan.

If you don’t watch TV and don’t care specifically about cars, how do you even know the difference between one sedan and another?

When I rent cars, I usually don’t know the make unless I’m actually currently looking at the car…

Okay but if you’ve gone and bought a car and did research and picked one you liked surely you would know the one you own? Or do people literally Google for the cheapest MSRP car and buy a Nissan Versa?

In American culture in the year 2018, ignorance is often touted as a virtue.

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I just tell anyone who asks what I drive, that I ride a X-34 landspeeder.

They know they own a red Ford or a blue Subaru. They don’t care beyond that. There’s even evidence that the majority of people who buy cars in America do zero research in advance.

I hate people…


I know the colour of the car that I drive, and I know the make, and I know it’s year. However, while I knew the exact model and options when I bought it, these days I can’t remember if it’s a 200, or a 300 and whether or not I had an s or a c at the end of either of those or if it didn’t.

The reason for this is that I just am not up to date on cars. When it comes time to pay insurance or whatever, I realize that, yep it’s a 200s but most of the time I’m just about as aware of the model of my car as I am about exactly how I do an integral. I know the gist, but I’d have to quick brush up to be sure.

Do you know the make and model of your fridge? Your washing machine? Your coffee machine?

A car is just an appliance to most people. They go shopping for one, find one that looks fine, and buy it. It’s totally fine, as 99.99% of all cars are totally fine. All do the job as well as all others, in that they get someone from A to B in relative comfort with good enough reliability. That’s all anyone wants.

That’s like telling a coffee nerd that drip coffee at 7-11 is totally fine for 99% of people. Objectively you’re right, subjectively fuck people and their crappy taste in automobiles.