GeekNights Thursday - Power Tools

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes. They’re not a GREAT deal of use in wood, mostly because you rarely need to step-drill like that, and for jobs that require those larger diameters, other tools like spade and forstner bits already exist. But, if you’re needing to punch holes in plastics and metal, stuff like that, and where you can’t get by with tools like spades and forstners, they’re great, I’d even say indispensible.

I kind of want a steam cleaner, for the kitchen floors and the oven, but I know nothing of such things and the price ranges seem to be pretty varied.

Are you going to use it frequently? Steam cleaning is usually for serious cleaning times. I don’t know if it’s still a thing, but grocery stores here used to have a thing at the front where you could rent one and bring it back when you’re done.

Also interesting that you want it for kitchen floors and oven. I’ve usually seem them used on carpet. There are other ways to clean the kitchen floor and oven, even if they are way dirty.

I’m strongly considering a steam mop for the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve used one before when I lived with my parents and it worked perfectly fine to get grime off the tiled floors. Best part was not having to deal with the process of using a more traditional mop and the potential messes of sudsy water in a bucket. Only additional cost was distilled water to fill up the tank before cleaning, which ended up being less than the cost of cleaning supplies I’d have used for traditional mops.

The ones I was looking at had like attachments for the oven, tile, couch… I wasn’t really even thinking of carpet. The hardware stores supposedly rent them but when I looked online none of them had any in stock, and I more wanted something for weekly stuff.