GeekNights Thursday - Pets

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider pets. In the news, France (rightly) bans flights that could be made by train, New York's water tunnel number 3 is almost complete, and Hank Azaria apologized for playing Apu on The Simpsons.

Things of the Day

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That Pig Calling Contest goes METAL! video would fit in perfect on a Primus album.

Water tunnel 3

We recently watched Grosse Point Blank and there was an actor and we were like “who is that guy and where do we know him from?”

It was Hank Azaria. We’d last seen him as a boyfriend in Friends.

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Grosse Point Blank is a fav of the 90s.

Another one with Cusack and Azaria, America’s Sweethearts.

Pig Calling Goes Metal is one of my all-time favorite Things of the Day. But what made it better was showing it to my girlfriend, who couldn’t stop laughing, and I was then pissing myself watching her face:

Me and my 12 and 8 year old sons watched that pig calling/metal vid. Nearly died. A+ thing of the day!