GeekNights Thursday - Natural Disasters

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about natural disasters. In the news, there's a reason we don't make much anime content anymore, cars are back to destroying the world, Cuomo is (rightly) out as New York's governor, and the US military will (rightly) require vaccination against COVID-19.

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The The Terror lead poisoning was from the steam system now, not the food cans?

I thought the food problem was they messed up the canning process so it all spoiled

Correct. The lead in the food cans wouldn’t likely have been nearly enough of a problem. The food cans were likely the source of the botulism that plagued the crew irrespective of the boilers.

The open question is whether the lead from the boilers was above and beyond typical lead poisoning of the general population at the time.

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Tornados happen in NJ, we get tornado warning in the NE in SE PA and S NJ all the time.

Lots of flooding in Queens. Subways aren’t really running.

We’re safe (we’re on the high ground), but it’s not looking great out there for other people. =(

I have been trying to plot my future and your comments on searching for cities that will not big greatly impacted via climate change is VERY HIGH on my list.

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That video is 10 minutes per frame, about 150 minutes total elapsed time. Tsunami warnings issued in Japan, Alaska, Washington, California.

The thread on the tweet is full of all kinds of stuff.


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