GeekNights Thursday - Lunch

Tonight on GeekNights, it's Thursday, so we test out some livestreaming with a show about... lunch? Yes, about lunch. Literally. In the news, we did a show in 2010 called A Bunch of Dwarves, The Great Wall is probably awful, and someone got their Nintendo Switch early.

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I heard that Great Wall is not actually a white savior movie and it’s a Chinese directed movie where they wanted an American actor in the movie to sell it in the West?

Sort of. Moviebob did a good summary of why Great Wall happened and what it’s trying to do (though his opinions are by no means authoritative).

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Feels like every other Geeknights ends with: “Let’s finish this episode now so I can go eat.”

That’s also how they mostly start.


This episode made me think “Mike Tyson’s Brunchout.”