GeekNights Thursday - Fruit

They’re definitely not vegan.

…Contrary to popular belief, ripe figs are not full of dead wasps and the “crunchy bits” in the fruit are only seeds. The fig actually produces an enzyme called ficain (also known as ficin) which digests the dead wasps and the fig absorbs the nutrients to create the ripe fruits and seeds.[5] Several commercial and ornamental varieties of fig are parthenocarpic and do not require pollination to produce (sterile) fruits; these varieties need not be visited by fig wasps to bear fruit.

As of last week I have a fig tree/bush thingy in my yard. Unlike the commercial varieties, it’ll definitely have the wasps. Anyone in queens who want’s to pick and eat a fig is welcome to do so. The other burroughs can come too, I guess. Except staten island.

Yeah, that’s why I put “potentially”.I just find it to be a neat fact many didn’t know.

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Just love sharing that because I’ve encountered so many people that think the fig seed hulls are bits of wasps/wasp eggs.

We have two fig trees - one in a pot, one in the ground. We’ll see how they do! One is already being an overachiever and producing tiny figlets.

Fig jam is the best form of jam.


Good luck with them. Damn things get pretty tall. There’s branches I can’t reach.

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Bread + Ricotta + fig jam + prosciutto + honey drizzle

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Of the things on that list, I can have ricotta right now.

Once I’m done with this keto shit though…hide yo figs.

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Way ahead of you. I not only hid them, I also turned them into poop, so nobody will even want to steal them now.


We got all varieties of fig bars in the pantry recently.



Not eating meat means I had to give up prosciutto. That along with meats for breakfast sammiches have been the hardest part.

So I think their burger perfectly approximates that mass market beef cooked fast taste so I have hopes that their breakfast sausage patty will similarly fit the same kind of flavor profile.

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Fixed that for you.

Let me introduce you to the greatest food item in the world:

Fig salami


This is a glimmer of excitement for my future, which is hard to come by in the modern world

This is a glimmer of hope for my present.


That sounds super interesting, might try to make that.

Grapefruit is the best.

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Grapes are the god fruit. You can’t fill up on them but they do satisfy, they can just be eaten out of hand from the vine, they’re tasty, AND they rehydrate you.