GeekNights Thursday - Food we Hate

Tonight on GeekNights, it's another food show, as we talk about the foods we avoid, despise, or otherwise refuse to eat. In the news, Tumblr has destroyed itself for reasons, the Paris protests are more complex than you probably read, the Satanic Temple continues to do good works, and you must never under any circumstances eat marmite.

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Through a lot of this main bit, I couldn’t help thinking this was the most American conversation ever. When talking about foods you get, you immediately defaulted to discussing fast food brands. And from someone from outside of America, these are all indistinguishable to me. You know no non-American has any idea of the difference between Arbies and Burger King, right?

Thankfully the second half had a bit more relevant discussion of actual food.

Not to shit on Barr - okay, to shit on him a bit because it plays into all the dumb-as-fuck “fake news! The Media lies!” takes coming up today - failed to notice that only one person in that photo is even remotely possibly a journalist, but propably isn’t. One has her face covered(not happening on a gig), two are using their phones(unlikely for a major protest), one’s a full-on yellow-vest protestor.

Oh and also, I might not be able to read the watermark, but I recognize it - that’s from a TV broadcast, so I’m guessing that the people with still cameras are likely not the ones taking it, if the fact that one has a bunch of wood on it, and the other - like pretty much every one of these takes - is a trashfire.

I thought it was just a funny joke.

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The watermark is Weibo, Chinese Twitter, not a TV broadcast, so apply standard grains of salt.

Re: hated foods - bananas. Hate the flavor. Hate the texture. Hate accidentally getting banana pudding instead of vanilla pudding at buffets. Plantains are okay, though, especially if they’ve been fried.

what the fuck x15

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Used to like them when I was a kid. Something changed. Now I don’t. Now bananas hold a sold #2 on food I don’t like. #1 is insects/arachnids.

There are food I dislike unless they are processed. I can’t stand eating mushroom and olives, but I’ll eat a mushroom gravy and olive oil dressing. Another thing is green peppers, I can’t stand them unless they’re diced to hell.

I’ll also eat sushi, but avoid most types of cooked fish.

That’s something that surprised me about living in China. They have a reputation for eating everything, but would you want to eat Chinese sushi?..They don’t want to either.

@Apreche Talk to me about logging for the Discord. I know how to do this. I have done this on another server.

Ah, my mistake. I confused it with another, guess I didn’t recognize it as well as I thought - Admittedly, I think part of it was that I recognized the shot and then made a bigger assumption than I should have.

Edit: for completeness - Top shot was taken by Karine Pierre, a photojournalist with Agence France-Presse. Linked in a collection of her other photos here taken on the same day, showing larger bonfires and burning cars, along with protestors lighting and throwing molotovs.


Yeah. Not everything has to be analysed for ways it can be held against people.

Luke, I’m allowed to be a little bit pissy when seemingly half the internet is screaming themselves stupid about how everyone in my profession is basically the dishonest scum of the earth. Just because it’s a joke, doesn’t mean it’s not yawn-worthy derivative shit, which is also being shouted with utter seriousness by a lot of people.


Sure. I just don’t think it was being shouted with utter seriousness by a lot of people on this forum.

Of course not. Why would I talk about it somewhere full of the assholes doing the screaming? They’re not going to listen to jack shit you have to say, that just seems like a recipe for endless frustration.