GeekNights Thursday - Fan/Creator Interaction


Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the current state of fan/creator relationships and scratch the surface of several ongoing concerns around it all. In the news, the US elections were mostly positive, Amazon is likely coming to Rym's neighborhood, and gameplay videos present a conundrum. Also, PAX East is live and Saturday is sold out!

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Packer fans aren’t just Packer fans. They are supporting the rise of the proletariat.


That is the most me sharez0ne that has ever sharez0ned.



This episode isn’t in the main RSS feed currently, nor is it on the Patreon feed.


It’s right there:


I think Patreon was down the day we did the show, and I couldn’t upload it. I’ll check this weekend and if it’s missing I’ll post it there.


This is what I’m seeing.


I see it in your screenshot.


Silly me. My bad.