GeekNights Thursday - Cars


I suspect once people don’t routinely learn how to drive, interest in driving and motorsports will widely disappear.


Yes, totally agree! I hadn’t thought of the bicycle analogy and closing roads for special events. I love that!


My parents have an old Model A Ford and go on back roads drives and camping trips with a local Model A group. Now I’m imagining the same thing but with like Toyota Corollas.


You’ll have to wait for all the people who love cars to die. Then it will be a nice hobby. Only the people who fucking love cars will be into it.

GEICO will go out of business when nobody needs insurance anymore. Oil companies will be screwed when demand sinks. Normal people will save a ton of money not having to buy cars, gas, insurance and use that money for other things that matter.


I wonder if GEICO sees the writing on the wall. They’ve recently starting promoting their homeowners and renters insurance (yes, they offer those too, at least now) more than their car insurance. It’s like they know the days of seeling car insurance are numbered.


Well, no one rides horses anymore, but there is still a good bit of interest in horse racing and other equestrian sports. So it’s hard to know for sure.


I got my renters insurance from GEICO in 2009. It’s not actually from GEICO. It’s from Traveler’s. Was it like, some affiliate program or something? I don’t know.


I’m pretty sure my homeowner’s insurance is exactly the same way with Geico/Traver’s.


I’ve seen multiple essays arguing that millennials don’t enjoy cars, but see them as a necessary evil at best. Customization, color, features seem to matter less than basic functionality and price.


I fucking love cars, I love driving them, I love the way a nice car looks. But I like not having to deal with traffic WAAAAY more than driving a car.


I got a very early reservation on a Tesla Model 3 b/c I saw the $7,500 tax credit offer, and they money down is completely refundable. But with the “real” car weighing in at $58k after options, not $35k, I don’t think I can justify it.

I can make it work financially, but I’d be tapping my reserves. The car is incredibly nice, and I spend 2 hrs in the car every day (ugh fuck don’t remind me). So it’d be justifiable to splurge on a car.

But there is one big thing holding me back at the moment. I am NOT a car person. I actually enjoy the freedom of having a 10 year old shitty car. I don’t want to have to take care of my car. I don’t want to care if it gets scratched. I don’t want to worry about parking my expensive car in a bad spot.

I do not know which way I will fall, but right now I’m leaning towards passing on the car and continuing to run my old car into the ground.




Cars are weapons and should be banned.


I will be very sad when driving is banned, I’ll need a new hobby.


Cycling is always a good choice.


Even robot cars still need to be insured. What kind of time horizon are you expecting them to crap out?

Also, Warren Buffett owns them. If anyone is playing the long game, it’s him.


Robot cars mean few people own their own personal vehicles. Insurance wouldn’t be a mass market naive consumer business model anymore, but a bulk underwriting probably directly with the manufacturers.


Olson Scott Card won two Hugo Awards back to back for the first two books in a series for Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead. They also both won the Nebula Award too.

I know this because I’ve read every Hugula Novel (a novel that won both the Hugo and the Nebula).


Whoa, dude never stopped cranking out Ender books. 15 so far, with 4 more planned.


When he ran out of ideas for orher stories he started going back to the cash cow. Stop after either the second book or the fourth book. It gets really shit after that.