GeekNights Thursday - Bike and Car Shares

Or maybe you don’t mind riding a crappy heavy bike, and want a free one that you don’t have to dock/undock?

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I’m pretty sure you’re probably right on this front, since Rochester’s bikes, while they didn’t weigh 60 lbs, weren’t light nor were they exceptional machines. They were just convient, but I can hardly find any around anymore.

When I biked north on that path to Brewster I actually saw a ton of Lime bikes up through the Bronx. I mean, they just put them out that week, so they weren’t destroyed or moved yet. That was definitely the initial deployment intelligently placed onto a friendly bike path. I did see one person using them, but that’s it. I’ll have a status update next time I go that way.

It’s way easier to just steal a regular bike.

If criminals were smart…

It’s more knowledge and work to steal one of these special bikes than to just cut the wire on a regular one.

You’re not wrong but. I think a MadMax style like… bodysuit or something made of a citibike would be cooler than one from a regular one. Maybe turn the handle bars into a hood ornament.

I think the distinctive colour and branding would be really cool on a post apocalypse bodge of a metalwork.