GeekNights Thursday - Aliens and UFOs

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss aliens and UFOs and such. The 90s were a wild time with alien autopsies and The X-Files. Nevermind real alien topics like the Drake equation, the Rare Earth hypothesis, or the Great Filter. In the news, avoid using computers in Missouri, IATSE will strike on October 18th unless their (extremely reasonable) demands are met, Kellog's workers and John Deere workers also strike as a new labor movement comes alive in America.

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If you were an alien, visiting another planet that had intelligent life; what would be your lo-tech method of communicating be: to reach as many people as possible be, not cause a panic, but also be as credible as possible?

I’d first have to figure out what sensory abilities do the aliens have. For example, if they can see, what frequencies are visible to them? Without figuring that out first, you got nothing.

I’m really diving deep on the Rare Earth Hypothesis lately.

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Issac Arthur, of Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur youtube channel, touches a ton on this as well.