GeekNights Thursday - A History of Buying Stuff Online

Tonight on GeekNights, we look back at decades of our online purchases, spanning back to the days before things could even be bought "online." It's surprisingly interesting to look at what I was buying on line in 1996 or 2004. In the news, professional sports players strike in support of racial justice.

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Who actually had a PC like this?

Rym, I have a feeling your Amazon purchase increased massively when you got yourself an apartment with a doorman.

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Oddly, no? Amazon packages arrived at our house in Beacon a few times a week. Just left on the porch. It was never a problem, and nothing ever disappeared. I never even considered the problem of security. Had something disappeared, I would have just reported it to Amazon and gotten a replacement.

I had some big-ticket items delivered that way in Beacon. The sole exception was my Fujitsu laptop. They refused to deliver it except to a signature, so I had to drive to a facility to sign for it.

If I didn’t have a doorman, I’d be ordering at the same rate. I hate going to physical stores.

Also, my ordering tapered off as I acquired all the things I needed over the years post-move. 90% of my Amazon purchases are cheap consumables. Shampoo, soap, conditioner, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, toothpaste, running gels… Those consumables account for most of the increase in my purchasing.