GeekNights Presents Utena: Episode 16

GeekNights Presents: Utena
Episode 16

Episode 16 of Revolutionary Girl Utena is another one of the "Nanami Episodes." Right in the middle of the deepening mystery of the Black Rose Saga, you (appear to) take a 90* swerve into Nanami-land. But, Nanami episodes are deceiving. They present an adolescence allegory parallel to Utena's, and important themes for the overall show are embedded within them.

Here, Nanami literally and figuratively turns into a cow. Moo. And also, we learn about the instrumentality (or lack thereof) of the oppressed in their own oppression.

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Is the picture frame on your clips to combat auto-flagging copyright violations?

It helps make the “fair use” case, but it has no real bearing on the copyright fights. 90% of those come from the audio.