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Sounds like you guys do holidays like I do (except I don’t go to the ER everywhere I go lol.

When it comes to light of different places, I agree. When I was in the UK everything seemed dulled.

You guys found out by yourself, but the wildlife parks are far better for seeing native animals. However if you wanted to see animals which were from different states of Australia you would need to go to the zoo for that.

City that smells most like urine in Australia is Melbourne.

Bondi Junction is super expensive to live in. It’s where many a hipster likes to live but it is still pretty great to live and visit. Almost everything is too expensive there relative to other places which are equidistant from the city centre.

Bondi beach is all hype, there are better beaches in Queensland and Western Australia but I guess there was no reference point for you guys. I think its mostly due to people littering and messing up the place than anything else.

I use to live in the inner west which is about the same distance from Bondi to the city, it’s equally as hipster-ish but with a greater population diversity, cheaper and all the bands come to play near there. When I lived there I could walk to the night clubs, pubs, super market, train stations.

I wonder if the reverse curse exists, if someone from Australia goes to the US and bikes with Rym, they have some sort of major injury.

Your rabbits can be brought in from Australia but they need to have a bunch of vaccination checks, a few blood checks and quarantine for a few months.

Even I went to Japan this year @gomidog !

We skipped GeekNights tonight (the Sailor Moon S Movie review), because I had a dentist’s appointment. I’m back, so I recorded a Rym’s Rant (patrons only) about the experience.

Hard mode: I was still completely numb from the anesthesia.

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I believe Tom Scott has a pretty high quality game show kinda thing. I’ve not ever watched it myself though

Citation Needed is amazing and hilarious! I really want them to keep on going with it.

I’m back on the wagon!

[quote=“zehaeva, post:5, topic:326, full:true”]
Citation Needed is amazing and hilarious! I really want them to keep on going with it.
[/quote]Tom is either just finishing or has just finished editing the latest season, so that should be out soon.

I will also suggest another online gameshow which is more like how you described the convention shows and how you are planing on doing it - Arcade Pit is a retro videogame based game/variety show with quiz, gaming and Drawing challenges streamed on twitch and then edited down for youtube.

Is it weird that I button my shirt from the middle down, and then from the middle up?

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This is the news that I really need in my life!

The Patreon podcast feed has borked two mornings in a row. Yesterday it only downloaded five old episodes, and I deleted them manually. This morning I found it downloading about a hundred episodes. I deleted the whole feed. I’ll subscribe again in the future, I guess.

Yeah, I follow two Patreon podcast feeds, and a day ago they both “reset” and listed every episode as new.

I swear I didn’t do anything to cause that. I see the same thing happened to my feed with another Patreon.

I will open a ticket with them.

(This is why we rely only on our own sauce for GeekNights proper).

Is there any chance of the Q&A ever coming back, or the second half of the politics podcast, or y’know, anything beside occasional rants and Rymily Reviews?

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Put one up to see if the feeds are busted still :wink:

I have a new way to do the Q&A to keep them chugging that I’ll set up this weekend too!

I’m gonna be rotating my Patreon money around to other creators. I may be back at some point.

I apologize for my legacy of starting the “rename your account to something idiotic” trend, but in hindsight, maybe it got you more $ with people wanting to hear their thing read aloud. Spend it on something good.

Don’t apologize, I’ve spent many months twisting Rym’s mouth into a knot, It’s been money well spent.

and how is that Q&A pipeline coming? It’s been over a year since you did a Q&A, The last time I submitted a question for a Q&A was so long ago that it was about the viability of the Libertarian Party, well before the “What is Aleppo?” fiasco.

Patreon is adding processing fees to patrons. 3% + 35 cents for every pledge.

Sorry Geeknights, you’re losing a dollar. Complain to Patreon about it, I am.

They’re really fucking over the people who like to throw a dollar to a ton of projects.

Projects that have large numbers of small donors tend(ed) to be healthier than the ones with fewer big ones…

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