GeekNights Monday - USB-C


I don’t know if Rym is really fast at Neuroshima Hex or really slow at pooping, but 4 games seems like a lot.

Taking a perfectly optimal turn in that game takes ~4-10 seconds on average. There isn’t a lot of thinking to do most turns once you get good.

What USB-C hub did Scott get that is around $20 and reliable? The best price I’ve found for one that even seems reliable is $50, barring a discount. I tried a couple $20 ones, one with weird defects and the other just flat out didn’t work.

I didn’t get a hub. I got a USB-C -> HDMI adapter that works perfectly with both Switch and iPad Pro.

I also got this which works with everything I’ve ever tried to connect it to. Haven’t tried Switch, though.

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USB4 will use the same form factor as USB type-C and will be backward compatible with USB 3.2, USB 2.0, and Thunderbolt 3.


hey anyone got a solid USB-C charger recommendation? The one that came with my pixel 3 lives at work and the current 3rd party one I emergency bought at a target one day when I needed phone charge and was 0 battery is pretty mediocre. Longer cable preferred as these would be used for charging from an outlet/extension while on the couch and in bed.


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I played around with some Thunderbolt 3 hardware—that’s a USB-C connector with what’s basically the USB4 spec.

There was nothing too fancy going on, but the fact I could plug a single Thunderbolt cable into a MacBook Pro and get an additional display, power, and ethernet is pretty slick. The display acts as a hub, and ethernet (via rj45-to-USB-C) was one of the things plugged into it.

I did pick up some nice USB-C to USB-C Anker Chargers that work great, thanks for the recommendation @Apreche

I’m debating getting a Thunderbolt 3 dock for my laptop, but my laptop doesn’t do USB-C PD; is that going to affect anything? MIt seems like every dock I come across has USB-C PD.

How does it get power, some other connector (perhaps proprietary)?

I feel like the spec is moving pretty quickly. If it’s not useful to you immediately, I wouldn’t get it. Don’t buy in anticipation of your next upgrade, wait until you upgrade.