GeekNights Monday - Twitter APIs and Third Party Apps

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the demise of Twitter APIs necessary for third party apps to work as intended, signaling the potential (perhaps inevitable) demise of all third-party apps as Twitter desperately tries to monetize itself. In similarly bleak news, Netflix is experimenting with ads, and Twitch Prime drops ad-free viewing.

In some better news, Flamecon was, as always, amazing, Nvidia is bringing the RTX2000 series of video cards with real-time raytracing for games, and Intel is getting into the GPU business.

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I just realize my mind had remixed the Terrible Secret of Space and All Your Base Are Belong to Us together over the years.

Understandable. They both came around at about the same time.

Mastodon, meet Laconica. Laconica, Mastodon.

And from the same creators.

I’m using the Twidere client for my Android Twitter needs, as is has the neat feature of being able to change the API client key that it uses; for example, the keys from the official client. This gives it certain advantages, e.g. receiving push notifications; Twitter can’t deny it access to features without denying them to their own client.

Push or shove?

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Here’s the only Twitter client you need. Open your browser and type tweetdeck dot twitter dot com.

No ads, multiple columns, what else do you want?

Just wait. They’ll manage to fuck it up.

I use it on desktop, but not mobile. The tweetdeck mobile app was killed long ago. I veguely remember it became the official Twitter appwhen Twitter bought tweetdeck.

The mobile instructions are the same.

That’s not exactly a great experience, and it doesn’t get you notifications and such and such.

The experience: yes, it’s not ideal. Notifications: ugh, who wants them anyway?

I want them if someone @s me or DMs me. I don’t need to receive them immediately, but I need them eventually. Tweetbot still gets me them, eventually.

I may use the strategy I suggested on the show. Let the official Twitter app do notifications, but never open it.

Thank the open source community

I really think Coins need a show. There was a throwaway line by Scott (I think?) about coins being nearly dead? My google search skills must be failing because I cannot find any specifics on this.

Only mentioning it here because this episode again reminded me about all the little jabs you make at coins :slight_smile:

They are in almost all cases basically just ponzi schemes. Some of them are money laundering schemes.

I believe the original (iOS and OSX) twitter app was Tweetie, made by Loren Brichter (who later went on to make the fantastic little game Letterpress). That app introduced “pull to refresh”, which was quickly copied by everyone else.

OMG why are iPhone apps already inducing me with retro/nostalgia. Whyyyy.

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